Systemic Business Coaching (English)

your contact is Walter Stiefel

What is systemic coaching?         

Our work is client-centered, solution-and success focussed. Like consulting, systemic coaching is outcome oriented – we examine your visions, action plans and feedback. Unlike most consulting, we provide ongoing support and feedback to clarify your desires, resolve any relationship and belief blocks and realize your vision.

We offer process expertise rather than content knowledge, to create healthy individuals and organizations. Healthy organizations, like other living systems, can identify, locate, acquire and assimilate their missing resources.

How does systemic coaching work?

Our systemic coaching begins with diagnosis – an analysis of your goals, relationships and history. We follow by discussing your benefits, costs and resources. Then we can design structures that support your chosen goals. Subsequent steps focus on what works (not what’s wrong) and on appropriate solutions (not past problems). This leads to pragmatic change strategies without undesirable side-effects.

We do not need be in the same business as you, nor in the same community, nor even in the same country. If we are outside the systems in which you live and work, we can better provide objectivity and perspective – and help you identify practical strategies.

We can help you clarify your goals, challenges and strategies. We help you evaluate resources and design steps to your goals. You know your environment, the participants and the rules. We help you articulate and challenge the „rules“, while you gain clarity and action steps.

What do we offer?

  • we offer you space and freedom to explore your strategies and evaluate your flexibility
  • we offer you structure, alliances, accountability, expectations and feedback
  • we offer you feedback that can help you evaluate your reality and opportunities

How long does systemic coaching take?

Although one objective is to make further coaching unnecessary, we may require an initial time commitment. Many of our coaching relationships are for three, six or twelve months, with periodic feedback-focus sessions.

There is no good or bad, it‘s all about you and your needs and your desire

Systemic coaching models

Our models are only as useful as the accuracy of their predictions. We begin with your needs assessment and outcome specification. Well-defined goals help you clarify suitable evidence procedures. Specifying goals generates ideas for their fulfillment.

We may audit your beliefs as we examine your blocks or challenges. Many of your limiting beliefs will likely change as you align with your goals and values. Our systemic models generate powerful choices for you, including relationship matrices, timelines, systemic development, reframing, perceptual positions, relationship hierarchies and logical levels of abstraction.